Navajo Birth Cohort Study 


Birth_Cohort_ver2c      The Navajo Birth Cohort Study is being conducted in response to community questions and concerns about whether exposure to uranium mining and milling waste is affecting the outcome of pregnancies or the development of children on the Navajo Nation.  The project is a collaboration among the University of New Mexico’s DiNEH Project, Center for Disease Control/Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (CDC/ATSDR), Navajo Area Indian Health Service, and the Navajo Nation Division of Health. Specifically, the study is investigating the effects of environmental exposure of uranium and other toxicants on pregnancy outcomes and early child development on the Navajo Nation.

      The Principal Investigator for the Navajo Birth Cohort Study is Dr. Johnnye Lewis, Director of the Community Environmental Health Program (CEHP) at the the University of New Mexico’s Health Sciences Center College of Pharmacy.  Co-investigators of the study are David Begay, PhD., Chris Shuey, MPH, Director of Southwest Research and Information Center (SRIC), and Adrienne Ettinger, ScD., MPH,  from Yale University.

     An estimated total 1600 mothers and fathers, and their children living on the Navajo Nation will take part in this study.  For more information please call 1 (877) 545-6775 or visit