The Navajo Birth Cohort Study  is a study about the effects of abandoned uranium mines and its associated heavy metals on the development of Navajo children, their moms, and dads.  The study was mandated by the U.S. Congress in August of 2010 and began recruitment three years later in February.  Since then, the study has recruited over 500-plus participants on the Navajo reservation.  Please share.  For more information, please call 1 (877) 545 – 6774 or visit


Navajo Birth Cohort Study XXV: Getting The Word Out

This 5-minute video documents the younger voices speaking out at Navajo Birth Cohort Study organized events on the Navajo reservation.  The video provides still photography from field work a  collage of staff members and community members giving presentations in Navajo communities about the effects of uranium on Navajo lands.


Navajo Birth Cohort Study Part XIX: Community Voices


Navajo Birth Cohort Stud Part XVI: Year 2016


Navajo Birth Cohort Study Part VXIII: Iina Nizhoni 2015