by Eszter Erdei, Debra MacKenzie, Curtis Miller, Bernadette Pacheco, Chris Shuey, Jennifer Ong, Joseph Hoover, and Johnnye Lewis

Window Rock, AZ – This powerpoint presentation was originally presented at the Navajo Nation Museum as an update on the Navajo Birth Cohort Study to the Navajo Nation Institutional Research Review Board on October 21, 2015 in Window Rock, AZ.

The Navajo Birth Cohort Study is a multi-agency prospective study to assess pregnancy outcomes and child development in relation to uranium mining and tailings waste exposures among Navajo mother-infant pairs.

Please click here to view presentation:  Pres_NBCS_cytokines_NNHRRB_conf_EE_101215

University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Community Environmental Health Program, Southwest Research and Information Center, Albuquerque, NM.