Navajo Birth Cohort Study newsletter

Iina Nizhoni, A Beautiful Life Newsletter Spring 2016 issue

The newsletter Iina Nizhoni: A Beautiful Life from the Navajo Birth Cohort Study staff is now available. The study authorized by the 2010 U.S. Congress enters its fourth year.

Download the Spring 2016 newsletter of this important environmental health study

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We now have:

589  mom participants

455 cohort Babies

184  Dads participating.

Now is the best time to enroll!  Your participation as a mom, dad, and baby for the Navajo Birth Cohort Study helps to increase our understanding of long-term exposure to abandoned uranium mines and associated mine waste.

This study will help us to answer the question:  does long term exposure to uranium and other environmental metals affect the development of children living on the Navajo reservation?


To learn more about the study, please call

1 – 877 – 545 – 6775.